Thompson submitted by Nicholas


Found on @EmrgencyKittens


Zeus by Tessa

Tiger by Cara Reay

Tiger went missing from her home in Bristol 5 days ago.

Click here


Precious by Mutiny Bri

This poor little girl was taken by a bird of prey as a kitten.
Rest in peace little Precious

derecho tongue 2

This is a very special kitty called Derecho. He was rescued as a kitten by Friends of Felines Rescue Center in Ohio during a big storm last year.

He has a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia which you can read more about here.

Click here to read Derecho’s story.

Jobo by Amy Brooks

Jobo was rescued by Friends of Felines Rescue Center and adopted by Amy.


Peek-a-boo kitten found here


Photo by Maureen Quirk


Nuzzie by Meghan Martz

PRRRRRR!!! by milky.way on flickr



Photo by ©Juanma L. M.

Cat tongue by SirBloody on flickr

Mini Kitty Tongue! by Vicki Rutter

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